Servicing our customers in Wyoming, North Dakota and Louisiana.

Bulldog Services specializes in diesel fuel and hydraulic filtration.

We offer onsite diesel fuel tank polishing and filtration.


Custom Reporting is also offered to customers that may require the knowledge provided by the filtration analysis on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis. 


   Diesel Fuel         Hydraulic Fluid         Food Grade Fluid     

Via the needs of our customers Bulldog has designed several custom filtration units. 

Each unit was designed to customer specs in order to ensure accurate and efficient filtration needs. 

 BS-1 Filtration System

The BS-1 system is a light weight, aluminum framed kart style fixture made to move around any rig or shop environment with ease. This explosion proof 5 gallon per minute unit can be seen tucked into a corner filtering the top drive system or at ground level tied into the accumulator. Depending on filter preference this unit will filter both particulate matter as well as water.

Filtration System

The BS-2 system is a 5 gallon per minute, explosion proof permanent mount system designed to maintain hydraulic fluid in the reservoir without interfering with the overall operation of the hydraulic system. Designed to make fluid maintenance as user friendly as possible, the BS-2 unit allows you to have the reservoir fluid under constant filtration while offering the option to fill and filter new fluids to assure that no contamination is introduced to the system. The BS-2 unit also has the capability to remove fluids from the system while bypassing the filter sector.

Vacuum Dehydrator

The Vacuum Dehydrator is, in our opinion, the most cost effective way to remove emulsified and free standing water from a hydraulic system by utilizing moderate temperatures under vacuum pressure to boil out water.

  Bulldog Services LLP is also your local distributor for Racor, Donaldson, Hy-Pro and Cim-tek filter lines and accessories.

For further information, or to place an order for a specific part or service, please call our offices at:

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