Servicing our customers in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Louisiana.


Bulldog Services LLP is a full service & supply company supporting the demanding needs of the oilfield one customer at a time. We offer superior service paired with high-quality products to ensure the success of our most important asset, our customers.

Bulldog Services LLP builds upon a proven supply chain to provide our client with a standard surpassing all others with both domestic and commodity product line... 


Our Technicians are reliable, knowledgeable, experienced and courteous. Bringing you the service that you deserve on time and accurate. 

Bulldog Services prides itself in the rental capabilities that are second to none.....

Rental: Frac Valves, Manifolds, Flanges, Gate Valves

Rates: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual


API 6A Product Line



Gate Valves

Wellhead Field Service

Single Manual Frac Valves

Casing Heads

Torque / Test

Hydraulic Frac Valves


Frac Installs

Frac Trees

Tubing Spools

Wellhead PM

Production Manifolds

Production Trees

Machining Repair

Flange Rentals

Frac Trees

Back Pressure Valve Lubricator

Cross Over Spools

Tubing Hangers

VR Lubricator


Casing Hangers

Hydrostatic Testing


Mandrel Hangers

BOP Testing


Speed Head Drilling Systems

Well Bore Testing

Flowback Packages


Valve Repair

 Drilling Systems

Well Identification Service




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